Othodontia by Allie Marini Allie Marini is a Floridian ex-pat living in the Bay Area with her partner, who is a more successful poet but Allie’s not into name-dropping (Too L.A.). Allie’s written some books, been nominated for some prizes, & exists in a nightmarish hellscape of student loan debt for an MFA that she’ll […]

HOOT is coming to a Minneapolis near you!

We’re gathering our owls, and dusting off our wares, and we’re bringing them to Minneapolis for AWP. As always you can expect some of the following: charm, a gigantic die that holds fortune and doom, awe-inspiring poetry and prose under 150 words, and the glow of good fortune from a Publishing Penguin. We always have […]

We came, we saw, we stamped owls on you

Whoa, Seattle, you ruled. We’ve returned from the land of writers and journals a little weathered, a little tired, and a lot grateful. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to play our dice game of DOOM, and to everyone that subscribed. Were you one of the lucky recipients of good publishing karma from our Publishing […]