a millennial prayer

  may our grams be insta-liked, our fingers knuckle crack scrolling scrolling our eyes seeing everything and nothing, may our texts be addressed promptly, no three mean dots stuck between I love you (or whatever) and I’ve already forgotten where your birthmarks live, may we find purpose on a park bench overlooking a city we’ve […]


Above Me by Renée Hamlin Renée Hamlin is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University. Some of her recent positions include supplemental instructor, intern, poetry editor, and—always—relentless daydreamer.

The Gold Spike

I lived in Las Vegas from summer 1991 until September 1992. My first husband was Air Force, stationed at Nellis. We got married my senior year of college (the first gulf war helped me into a bad decision) and I moved out west after I graduated. We lived in an apartment complex on N. Nellis […]


Everything is Ars by Cindy Watkins Cindy Watkins is a graduate of the University of Georgia who currently lives in Hull, Ga with a badly behaved dog and a three-legged cat

Politics & Poetry

We’re starting something new here at HOOT, which is getting the inside perspective from artists that we admire. This includes their artistic vision for one of their pieces, a critical response – or close read – of a work of art, and how different artists approach their medium. We’re starting with the brilliant Alex Simand, who you’ll hopefully […]


Atoms by Jason Gray   Jason Gray is the author of Photographing Eden, How to Paint the Savior Dead, and Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo. He coedits the online journal Unsplendid.


Americana Make Believe by John Ling Art by Ariel Johnson John Ling is a Phoenix­-area percussionist and composer. Ariel Johnson is an illustrator currently residing in California. Besides art, she likes violins, video games, and old bookstores. Check out more of her work at www.Art-by-Ariel.com.

HOOT POSTCARD 48, September 2015

Eye in the sky  by Rosa Valerie Campbell Art by Ariel Johnson Rosa Valerie Campbell lives in London where she writes, teaches kids to read and reads some fat books herself. She has just finished her first novel. Find her work at rosavaleriecampbell.com Ariel Johnson is an illustrator currently residing in California. Besides art, she […]

With our powers combined

Like the Planeteers before us, HOOT has been asked to help out. Monologging chief editor, Jeffrey F. Barkin, is teaming up with our editors and Monologging artist, Dara Lorenzo, to judge their “Picture Paused” spring contest. Here’s How It Works: From March to May 31st, both writers and artists are encouraged to submit an original […]

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