Cold War By Kierstin Bridger Art by Michael Pagdon Kierstin Bridger is author of Demimonde (Lithic Press 2016) and All Ember (Urban Farmhouse Press). She is editor of Ridgway Alley Poems and has a new podcast: Poetry Voice with Kierstin Bridger and Uche Ogbuji. Michael Pagdon is an illustrator in the Tri-State area. His work includes freelancing, as well as gallery showings of futuristic robots. His work can be […]

Don’t let this happen to another cat. Share poetry the responsible way

As an editor of HOOT and a lover of poetry, I get a little carried away with wanting to share poetry during National Poetry Month. Therefore I strive to find innovative ways to get the word out on the excellence of poetics. So, I thought a great way to share the words might involve drawing […]