They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah.

Four! It’s a magic number. Yes it is. It’s a magic number. Because it’s our fourth birthday today. It doesn’t seem entirely fathomable that we’ve been doling out zest-infused literary postcards to you for four whole years. If HOOT was a person it would have already mastered the beginnings of language acquisition (and then on […]


  DON’T YOU EVER DARE MARRY A BOOK COLLECTOR! by Moshe Prigan Moshe Prigan lives in Haifa, Israel. His fiction has been published in The Bear Review (Ireland), Tales from the Shadow Realm, Genesis Science Fiction Society, 34th Parallel, Witch Works, Fuck Fiction and A Quiet Courage.

HOOT POSTCARD 48, September 2015

Eye in the sky  by Rosa Valerie Campbell Art by Ariel Johnson Rosa Valerie Campbell lives in London where she writes, teaches kids to read and reads some fat books herself. She has just finished her first novel. Find her work at Ariel Johnson is an illustrator currently residing in California. Besides art, she […]

What HOOT did on our summer vacation

Now that everyone is back at school, it would probably be a good time to let you know what we were up to on our summer vacation. HOOT packed their satchels and flew over to the great state of Massachusetts to teach a seminar on writing flash fiction to the brilliant BIMA students studying at […]

HOOT Postcard 47, August 2015

Yellow By Edward Bowman Art by Elizabeth Reindl Edward Bowman was born in Britain, raised in Africa and now lives in Japan. He writes short, short stories on busy, busy trains. Elizabeth Reindl is a designer and illustrator living in Philadelphia. She also performs comedy and likes to pet dogs. Find out more

Pictured Pause Winners

The Monologging and HOOT contest has come to a close (see here for reminders on what I’m blabbing about). We were extremely impressed with the great submissions we saw during the springtime competition, and love the final results. This is just a brief sample of the lovely work that won the Pictured Pause contest: Check out the […]

Three! It’s a magic number!

From chicken sandwiches to turnips, and everything in between, this month HOOT celebrates its third birthday! YAY!! It’s been three years worth of bite-sized literature brought to you in whimsical ways. And it’s because of your readership that we’ve been able to bring bitty poems and stories to the masses – whether it’s at AWP or […]

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