HOOT is coming to a Minneapolis near you!

We’re gathering our owls, and dusting off our wares, and we’re bringing them to Minneapolis for AWP. As always you can expect some of the following: charm, a gigantic die that holds fortune and doom, awe-inspiring poetry and prose under 150 words, and the glow of good fortune from a Publishing Penguin. We always have […]

Three! It’s a magic number!

From chicken sandwiches to turnips, and everything in between, this month HOOT celebrates its third birthday! YAY!! It’s been three years worth of bite-sized literature brought to you in whimsical ways. And it’s because of your readership that we’ve been able to bring bitty poems and stories to the masses – whether it’s at AWP or […]

We came, we saw, we stamped owls on you

Whoa, Seattle, you ruled. We’ve returned from the land of writers and journals a little weathered, a little tired, and a lot grateful. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to play our dice game of DOOM, and to everyone that subscribed. Were you one of the lucky recipients of good publishing karma from our Publishing […]

HOOT is going on the road!

Hi all! We’ll be traveling all the way from chilly Philadelphia to the great West. As of Wednesday the city of Seattle will be hosting AWP  and HOOT will be among those hawking their wares. If you’re going to be there, stop by and see us! You can roll a giant die (you’d have to see […]

We came, we saw, we had you throw a giant die

Oh hey! We have returned triumphant from Boston and AWP. It was delightful making so many new friends; so many people partook in our giant die game and we hope you had as much fun as we did. To all of our new subscribers: hello! To everyone that supported us by stopping by, signing up […]