An Artist’s Perspective on the Literature of Passion: White Heat

  Under tan, stained skin This blood screams for it Like the whistle from your teapot Taste me you’ll taste the truth Wasn’t made to wait I was made to make Take, tear, sigh, leak for this Drip Drip Lips pulling my skin inside You – me – him – you too None of us […]

The morning after

we emerge scorched earth chap-lipped rye ringing in our ears a four year dissonance we do not      understand our brows     furrowed in disappointment we gather share   parka share      hijab against cold new wind pass the conch our mouths agape a joint or three between fingers raised in mock peace we yell a chasm in unison […]

a millennial prayer

  may our grams be insta-liked, our fingers knuckle crack scrolling scrolling our eyes seeing everything and nothing, may our texts be addressed promptly, no three mean dots stuck between I love you (or whatever) and I’ve already forgotten where your birthmarks live, may we find purpose on a park bench overlooking a city we’ve […]

Focusing on Writing

What I’ve learned about writing productively is it all comes down to focusing on my goals, and writers can’t possibly do that effectively without actually being aware of what their goals actually are.  Think of it like trying to stuff an arrow down the barrel of a gun and then trying to shoot at a […]

The Gold Spike

I lived in Las Vegas from summer 1991 until September 1992. My first husband was Air Force, stationed at Nellis. We got married my senior year of college (the first gulf war helped me into a bad decision) and I moved out west after I graduated. We lived in an apartment complex on N. Nellis […]

Politics & Poetry

We’re starting something new here at HOOT, which is getting the inside perspective from artists that we admire. This includes their artistic vision for one of their pieces, a critical response – or close read – of a work of art, and how different artists approach their medium. We’re starting with the brilliant Alex Simand, who you’ll hopefully […]