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My animals grow crazy in this wind by Kathryn Smith Kathryn Smith’s first poetry collection, Book of Exodus, is forthcoming from Scablands Books. Her poems have been published in Bellingham Review, Redivider, the Collagist, Mid-American Review, and elsewhere.


Astronomification by T.J. Sellari T.J. Sellari teaches Renaissance literature in the English Department of National Chengchi University in Taipei, where he studies taichi and plays bass for Big Turnip, a local power folk trio.


And Now by Diana Roffman Diana Roffman is a poet and middle school teacher in NYC. She has an MFA from The University of Montana. Diana loves sending and receiving postcards, and is honored to be part of HOOT! (and HOOT is honored to publish her <3 )


Othodontia by Allie Marini Allie Marini is a Floridian ex-pat living in the Bay Area with her partner, who is a more successful poet but Allie’s not into name-dropping (Too L.A.). Allie’s written some books, been nominated for some prizes, & exists in a nightmarish hellscape of student loan debt for an MFA that she’ll […]


Walk the long way around from library to chapel by Nate Pritts Nate Pritts is the author of eight books of poetry, including Decoherence. He lives in the Finger Lakes region of NY state. []


Cold War By Kierstin Bridger Art by Michael Pagdon Kierstin Bridger is author of Demimonde (Lithic Press 2016) and All Ember (Urban Farmhouse Press). She is editor of Ridgway Alley Poems and has a new podcast: Poetry Voice with Kierstin Bridger and Uche Ogbuji. Michael Pagdon is an illustrator in the Tri-State area. His work includes freelancing, as well as gallery showings of futuristic robots. His work can be […]


Chicken Weather by Caesar Kent Caesar is a semi-nomadic California poet, living around the Bay Area and dividing his time between open mic stages, dive bars, and clouds.


Corpuscle by Shoshana Akabas photography by Cassandra Panek   – Shoshana Akabas is an MFA student at Columbia University, where she also teaches undergraduate writing. She studied English and organic chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and now lives in New York City. Cassandra Panek is a Philadelphia photographer and writer in a love affair […]


Poem by Brennan Bestwick Brennan Bestwick writes from the Flint Hills of Kansas. His poems have been published in THRUSH, Winter Tangerine, Colorado Review, and elsewhere. He is the winner of a 2016 AWP Intro Journals Project Award.


Cup of Moon by Andrea Farber-De Zubiria   Andrea Farber-De Zubiria’s poems have been published in Cargo, Smoky Blue, Foliate Oak and The San Joaquin Literary Review.  She lives in Fresno, CA  with her husband, daughters and a fat flock of chickens who prefer Haiku.


Above Me by Renée Hamlin Renée Hamlin is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University. Some of her recent positions include supplemental instructor, intern, poetry editor, and—always—relentless daydreamer.


Everything is Ars by Cindy Watkins Cindy Watkins is a graduate of the University of Georgia who currently lives in Hull, Ga with a badly behaved dog and a three-legged cat


Nations of the Sitones By David Villaverde   David Joez Villaverde has recently been published in After the Pause, Cheap Pop, Restless, and the Great American Wiseass Poetry Anthology among others. He can be found at


Atoms by Jason Gray   Jason Gray is the author of Photographing Eden, How to Paint the Savior Dead, and Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo. He coedits the online journal Unsplendid.


Favors by Cathryn Essinger   Cathryn Essinger is the author of three prize winning books of poetry.  Her work has also appeared in a wide variety of literary magazines.  She does own a cherry tree, and now owns a ladder.


Detour by S. Kay   S. Kay writes one tweet at a time. Her work has appeared in Nanoism, 7×20, Monkeybicycle, theEEEL, and more. RELIANT, an apocalypse in tweets, is available from tNY.Press/reliant. Follow @blueberrio.


Postcard From Leningrad by Ryan Griffith art by Cesar Valtierra Ryan Griffith currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  His work has appeared in FlashFiction.Net, 100-Word Story, Fiction Southeast, and the Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Stories of 2012. Cesar Valtierra is a graphic artist. To escape the drudgery of life, he draws. He also hangs out with his fiancée […]


Place(less)ness by Laurel Nakanishi   Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Laurel Nakanishi is the author of the prize-winning chapbook Manoa|Makai, and the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship to Nicaragua.  She currently lives with her partner in Miami, Florida.


The Kudu Bull by Evan Nicholls Art by Anil Sooknanan Evan Nicholls is a high school student and musician from Fauquier County, Virginia. He attends Highland School (2016) in Warrenton, VA. He reads Breece D’J Pancake, listens to Damien Rice, and sings likes he swears; often. Anil Sooknanan is an illustrator and graphic designer. His work can […]


  A Matter of Time by Maurice Devitt Art by Luka Fisher Design by Anil Sooknanan Maurice Devitt is the winner of the Trocaire/Poetry Ireland Prize 2015. He has been been published in journals in Ireland, England, Scotland, Romania, India, Australia, Mexico and the US. Art: Luka Fisher is an LA-based artist &producer. You can follow his work […]


Americana Make Believe by John Ling Art by Ariel Johnson John Ling is a Phoenix­-area percussionist and composer. Ariel Johnson is an illustrator currently residing in California. Besides art, she likes violins, video games, and old bookstores. Check out more of her work at


  DON’T YOU EVER DARE MARRY A BOOK COLLECTOR! by Moshe Prigan Moshe Prigan lives in Haifa, Israel. His fiction has been published in The Bear Review (Ireland), Tales from the Shadow Realm, Genesis Science Fiction Society, 34th Parallel, Witch Works, Fuck Fiction and A Quiet Courage.

HOOT POSTCARD 48, September 2015

Eye in the sky  by Rosa Valerie Campbell Art by Ariel Johnson Rosa Valerie Campbell lives in London where she writes, teaches kids to read and reads some fat books herself. She has just finished her first novel. Find her work at Ariel Johnson is an illustrator currently residing in California. Besides art, she […]

HOOT Postcard 47, August 2015

Yellow By Edward Bowman Art by Elizabeth Reindl Edward Bowman was born in Britain, raised in Africa and now lives in Japan. He writes short, short stories on busy, busy trains. Elizabeth Reindl is a designer and illustrator living in Philadelphia. She also performs comedy and likes to pet dogs. Find out more


Nightride VI by Brian Clifton Art by Elizabeth Bergland  Brian Clifton lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He co-edits Bear Review. His work can be found in: The Pinch, CutBank, Southeast Review, Pleiades, and other magazines. Elizabeth Bergland, a Philadelphia-area artist and designer, is currently trying to figure out how to make money while simultaneously avoiding stuff that she […]

HOOT Postcard 45, June 2015

Cartography by Poornima Laxmeshwar Poornima Laxmeshwar, an MBA in finance , works as content writer for a living. Her haiku and poems have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. She resides in the garden city Bangalore, India.   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #45″ […]

HOOT Postcard 44, May 2015

  My Father’s Brew by Francisco Márquez Francisco Márquez is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, writes in Tallahassee, Florida, and works with The Southeast Review. His work is forthcoming in Assaracus. To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #44″ at checkout.    

HOOT Postcard 43, April 2015

GRAVY IS SAUCE IS EVERYTHING by Dan Portincaso Artwork by Matthew Perdoni Dan Portincaso is a writer and educator.  He is an Assistant Professor of English at Waubonsee Community College and teaches composition, fiction, and creative nonfiction writing. He grows and cans his own tomatoes for gravy. Artwork by Matthew Perdoni. Hailing from the woods […]

HOOT Postcard 42, March 2015

A REVIEW OF BATMAN #36 BY DAVID, AGE 10 Nick Johnston lives in New York with his partner, dog, and cat. You can find him online at   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #42″ at checkout.

HOOT Postcard 41, February 2015

LEG by Rachel Dull Rachel Dull is a professional data manager, classic over-thinker, and zealous friend. At last, her creative writing degree from the University of Michigan Residential College makes sense, though the math minor still does not. To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify […]

HOOT Postcard 40, January 2015

REVERB AT PIER 48, SEATTLE by Moriah Cohen Moriah’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Baltimore Review, and Narrative where she was runner-up in this year’s “30 Below” contest. She received her MFA from Rutgers University – Newark.   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as […]

HOOT Postcard 39, December 2014

WISH by Brad Geyer Brad is a twenty-seven-year-old writer with a German name, a Spanish temperament and an Irish liver. He likes sleeping in cars and has never been to IKEA.   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #39″ at checkout.

HOOT Postcard 38, November 2014

CHARCOALED WATERS – nonfiction by William Garland. William Garland received his MFA from the University of South Carolina.  His work has appeared in The Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, Revolution House, Real South Magazine, and other journals. He is one of the founders of The Frank Martin Review. Artwork by Aaron Morgan, a Seattle-based artist/illustrator who […]

HOOT Postcard 37, October 2014

THE TURNIP by Judith Skillman Judith Skillman’s how to is Broken Lines—The Art & Craft of Poetry, from Lummox Press. Poems have appeared in Poetry, FIELD, Seneca Review, The Iowa Review, Southern Review, Pontoon, & other journals & anthologies. See       To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as […]

HOOT Postcard 36, September 2014

“Pool” – fiction by Rowan Beaird. Rowan Beaird‘s fiction has appeared in The Missing Slate and Compose. She is the former Program Manager of Grub Street in Boston, and is currently heading back to America after a year teaching English in Japan.     To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as […]

HOOT Postcard 35, August 2014

“3-D Printer” – poetry by Amy Boetcher.       Amy Boetcher earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biology, where she riddled calculus notes with poems. She advocates for place-based creatures and philosophies, especially toads and invertebrates. For example, “please don’t smoosh spiders.” Artwork by Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, an assistant editor at HOOT who plays […]

HOOT Postcard 34, July 2014

                                          —       100 STEPS by Anton Frost 100 steps Anton Frost‘s poems have appeared in Verdad, The Bacon Review, Parcel, and elsewhere. He lives in Grand Haven, Michigan. To purchase copies of […]

HOOT Print Issue 33, June 2014

                        REQUIEM FOR A MOUSE nonfiction by Daryl Rothman artwork by Aaron Morgan Daryl Rothman writes novels, short stories, serial fiction, articles and flash fiction, the latter to which he feels humbly indebted for its imposition of brevity. His website is Aaron Morgan, […]

HOOT Print Issue 32, May 2014

VACATIONING fiction by Nick Fuller Googins Vactioning Nick Fuller Googins is a full-time writer, occasional adventurer, retired coffee pourer/swim instructor/school teacher. An MFAer at Rutgers-Newark, he lives in NYC with three of the most wonderful beings on the planet. For more: Artwork by Matthew Perdoni. Hailing from the woods of Massachusetts, Matthew Perdoni is […]

HOOT Print Issue 31, April 2014

I Almost Believe It. Poetry by Christine Potter. Artwork by Zana Bass.   Christine Potter is a poet and writer who lives in the lower Hudson Valley. Her latest collection of poetry, Sheltering In Place, is available on  There are wild turkeys under her birdfeeders.   Zana Bass is a Philadelphia artist, philologist, and […]

HOOT Print Issue 30, March 2014

Janet McCann is a crone poet who has taught at Texas A&M since 1968. Latest poetry collection: The Crone at the Cathedral (Lamar University Press, 2013.)               To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #30″ at checkout.

HOOT Print Issue 29, February 2014

VORACIOUS fiction by Lisa Roney Artwork by Danny Coeyman Lisa Roney is a Florida transplant and her favorite thing about it is the flora and fauna. She teaches at the University of Central Florida and writes in a messy yet peaceful green room. Danny Coeyman:

HOOT Print Issue 28, January 2014

  WEDNESDAY poetry by Joey Connelly Memo Joey Connelly is Assistant Professor of English at Kentucky Wesleyan College, and his poetry has appeared in Louisville Review, Southern Humanities Review, New Plains Review, and other publications.

HOOT Print Issue 27, December 2013

  THE FILIPINO YOYO CHAMPION by Guinotte Wise TheFilipinoYoyoChampion Guinotte Wise is a sculptor/writer and winner of the H. Palmer Hall award for his 2013 collection of short stories, Night Train, Cold Beer. Some work is at or   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go […]

HOOT Print Issue 26, November 2013

A RELIABLE NARRATOR by Meg Eden Meg Eden’s collections include  Your Son (The Florence Kahn Memorial Award), Rotary Phones and Facebook (Dancing Girl Press), and forthcoming The Girl Who Came Back (Red Bird Chapbooks). Vist her at:  a_reliable_narrator_2   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here […]

HOOT Print Issue 25, October 2013

ETERNAL ANGST by Jonathan H. Roberts Jonathan H. Roberts is a prolific writer of unpublished fiction, though a smattering of his work has found its way into various journals and anthologies.  He lives in Salem, Oregon. eternalangst3   To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify […]

HOOT Print Issue 24, September 2013

MY LIFE by Eva Langston My Life Eva Langston received her MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of New Orleans.  She is currently a math curriculum consultant, but she’d like to make writing her real job.  Follow her adventures at To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go […]

HOOT Print Issue 23, August 2013

VACATION LABORERS by Lucas Ahlsen artwork by Juliette Watts Lucas Ahlsen grew up in the suburban forests surrounding Portland, Maine. More of his work can be found at Juliette Watts is an artist who lives near Philadelphia. She works as scientific illustrator for the Forest Service. This year, her first picture book was published […]

HOOT Print Issue 22, July 2013

ANCIENT HISTORY by Timothy Russell Artwork by Alex Norelli Timothy Russell lives at mile 61 on the Ohio River. He publishes a poem or two here & there now & then. Alex Norelli was born in 1984 in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.  Because of an early acclimatization to noise and an artistic propensity, he now makes New […]

HOOT Print Issue 21, June 2013

ELECTION STRATEGIES by Melanie Boeckman Artwork by Kelly Meissner Melanie Boeckmann is a writer and researcher. Melanie lives in Germany, where you can reach her on Twitter (@m_ian) or at She is fond of cupcakes and record players. Kelly Meissner is an Illustrator/Designer living in the Philadelphia Area. For more of her work, visit […]