This is a list of names to which you can address your cover letter, if you are the polite sort.
And also there’s a little more about us, if you’re curious about who is reading your work:

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella – Editor –  is an editor at HOOT  Review (well, hello there), genre lead editor at Lunch Ticket, a crazy cat lady, and a candy enthusiast. She received her BA and M.Ed from Arcadia University. She has also attended Goldsmiths: University of London and Sarah Lawrence College. Currently, Janie is completing her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Antioch University, while trying not to use workshops as a substitute for therapy. When not poorly playing the piano, she chronicles the many ways that she embarrasses herself at the website You Life is Not So Great and is a contributing writer at SSG Music. For reasons unbeknownst to even her, she also writes for a website dedicated to deconstructing the meaning of old episodes of David the Gnome, called Scones, Scones, and Gnomes. You can find her published creative and academic writing by Google searching her name (because she doesn’t play favorites when it comes to the nice magazines and journals that have published her). She’s lived in New York (Long Island, not City), her beloved hometown of San Diego, London, and finally Philadelphia: none of these things are particularly pertinent but mentioning one of the above places in a bio might win you some favors. Lastly, she’s been known to occasionally drink wine out of a mug that has a smug poodle on it while re-writing hip hop songs to entertain her cats (Liono (RIP), Easy Mac, and Trash Cat). 

Amanda Vacharat – Editor/Co-Founder/Art Director – has worked as an editorial assistant at a Fiction/Nonfiction Editing company. She has also taken fiction classes at the John Hopkins Creative Writing graduate program, and interned at the Potomac Review. Her work has been published in elimae and Monkeybicycle. She attended Swarthmore College, which crystallized and expanded her quirkiness, creativity, and eclecticism.  She majored in psychobiology and theater.  Afterwards, she moved to New York City, where it turned out people weren’t quite as nice as at Swarthmore.  She eventually moved to Baltimore, where people actually were as nice as at Swarthmore—and similarly quirky.  She took up writing seriously, taking fiction classes at John Hopkins University.  Now she lives her dream come true (outside of Philadelphia): she works on about 1,000 different creative projects.  And eats Thai food when possible.

Sheridan Earle – Assistant Fiction Editor – is a lifelong Southeastern Pennsylvania resident who never quite made the leap to move into the city. Suburban life, banal though it felt in adolescence, has suited her thrifty wallet ways. Similarly thrifty, but pleasantly surprised by the quality of the English department, she attended West Chester University for both undergrad and grad work. Completing a BA in Literature and a made-up concentration in Business Communications only took roughly 6 years and many mishaps in scheduling. Her MA in English and Creative Writing was not made up, and only took 3 years, so that’s not too bad, either. In between bouts of fleeing the country for Southeast Asian adventures, she managed to stay alive and fed thanks to waiting many tables and occasionally picking up some writing gigs. Now she occasionally works on her blog, Sheridan’s To-do List, picks up too many freelance gigs, is training to be a yoga teacher (Namaste), feeds her dog and husband (most days), and plays the role of a website account manager, or something like it. She specializes in procrastination, short story and essay writing, and reading Yelp reviews for fun and profit.

Matthew Didier – Assistant Poetry Editor – is a dilettante with a criticism degree in a tender Stockholm syndrome relationship with the city of Chicago.  He distributes reading recommendations on a pink prescription pad and laughs into forgotten books above a quiet leafy street on a couch, on a wide brick balcony.  He is unpublished, as Anne Carson continues to say everything worth saying.

Douglas Menagh – Assistant Prose Editor – is a writer based in New York City. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. He previously wrote for The New Philadelphia music blog and was recently featured in Lunch Ticket and Annotation Nation.

Dorian Geisler – Co-Founder – is a professor of poetry in Arcadia University’s MFA program. He holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  His poetry has been published or is forthcoming in The Believer, Hayden’s Ferry Review, LVNG, and the Berkeley Poetry Review.   He grew up in Dallas, Texas before attending U.C. Berkeley where he baffled his future self and all his relatives by majoring in philosophy.  Afterwards, he moved to New York to teach high school English as a New York City Teaching Fellow.  He only lasted one year, and by the end of the next he was back in Berkeley, eating peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and working on a writing sample to apply to M.F.A. schools in creative writing–one of which actually accepted him!  He attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he learned a lot about writing and how to integrate . . . and not integrate . . . what other people thought about his writing.  After graduating he moved back to the east coast, first to New York, then to Baltimore, and then to the greater Philadelphia area, where he now resides.

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  1. djt32 says:

    insomnia, writer. s. philly. like what i read on your site.

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