What HOOT did on our summer vacation

Now that everyone is back at school, it would probably be a good time to let you know what we were up to on our summer vacation. HOOT packed their satchels and flew over to the great state of Massachusetts to teach a seminar on writing flash fiction to the brilliant BIMA students studying at […]

Pictured Pause Winners

The Monologging and HOOT contest has come to a close (see here for reminders on what I’m blabbing about). We were extremely impressed with the great submissions we saw during the springtime competition, and love the final results. This is just a brief sample of the lovely work that won the Pictured Pause contest: Check out the […]

Confess your writely sins

If any of you dropped by to see us at AWP this year (hey Minneapolis!) you might have noticed that we added a new part of our infamous dice game. And that’s the opportunity to unburden yourself from your writerly sins. Every writer that had something to get off their chest (like using too many […]

With our powers combined

Like the Planeteers before us, HOOT has been asked to help out. Monologging chief editor, Jeffrey F. Barkin, is teaming up with our editors and Monologging artist, Dara Lorenzo, to judge their “Picture Paused” spring contest. Here’s How It Works: From March to May 31st, both writers and artists are encouraged to submit an original […]

HOOT is coming to a Minneapolis near you!

We’re gathering our owls, and dusting off our wares, and we’re bringing them to Minneapolis for AWP. As always you can expect some of the following: charm, a gigantic die that holds fortune and doom, awe-inspiring poetry and prose under 150 words, and the glow of good fortune from a Publishing Penguin. We always have […]

Decorating with HOOT

We love when our subscribers share how they display their issues of HOOT. Thanks Ana for decorating with our little literary magazine! Brightening up white walls! We always love seeing how you share HOOT!

Three! It’s a magic number!

From chicken sandwiches to turnips, and everything in between, this month HOOT celebrates its third birthday! YAY!! It’s been three years worth of bite-sized literature brought to you in whimsical ways. And it’s because of your readership that we’ve been able to bring bitty poems and stories to the masses – whether it’s at AWP or […]

Mysterious Mail

HOOT has chronicled its love of receiving random mail-based mysteries before (like here and here). And that hasn’t changed. Not so long ago (well, a bit of awhile ago – blame this editor for the delay) we got a new mail mystery. It seems to be from postcard enthusiasts that tell entire tales, in several […]

Don’t let this happen to another cat. Share poetry the responsible way

As an editor of HOOT and a lover of poetry, I get a little carried away with wanting to share poetry during National Poetry Month. Therefore I strive to find innovative ways to get the word out on the excellence of poetics. So, I thought a great way to share the words might involve drawing […]

The many ways to enjoy HOOT

We might be biased, but we think that our subscribers are among the best and most talented people in the world. Universe. Forever. And even though that’s our opinion, we now have proof that we have the most creative and interesting subscribers. Ever. Britt Gambino, who works and teaches at Gotham Writers Workshop in New York City, was kind […]