What HOOT did on our summer vacation

Now that everyone is back at school, it would probably be a good time to let you know what we were up to on our summer vacation. HOOT packed their satchels and flew over to the great state of Massachusetts to teach a seminar on writing flash fiction to the brilliant BIMA students studying at Brandeis University.

Not only were the students charming and brainy, they were also creative and wonderful. Check out their interpretations of HOOT, and the mini HOOTs that they made. We’re so honored and delighted to have taught there, and we know that these writers have amazing things waiting for them in the future.

photo (40)
by Anital Dayanim

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Pictured Pause Winners

The Monologging and HOOT contest has come to a close (see here for reminders on what I’m blabbing about). We were extremely impressed with the great submissions we saw during the springtime competition, and love the final results.

This is just a brief sample of the lovely work that won the Pictured Pause contest:

Check out the lucky winners, and the gorgeous accompanying art at the Monologging website (here).

Confess your writely sins

If any of you dropped by to see us at AWP this year (hey Minneapolis!) you might have noticed that we added a new part of our infamous dice game.

dice game

did you have to face your owl-y DOOM?

And that’s the opportunity to unburden yourself from your writerly sins. Every writer that had something to get off their chest (like using too many idioms, perhaps) was able to scribble down their transgression and once the note pierced the flesh of the poster board they were finally free.

And because your responses tickled us so much, we decided to keep the confessed writerly sins to start a new segment on our blog (and Twitter and Facebook). Periodically we’ll be updating our social media with some of our favorite responses, like these three hilarious winners right here:
photo 1 (1)
photo 2
photo 3

But we don’t just want to share the AWP 2015 writer sins (though they’re all pretty fantastic); we want to hear your writerly sins as well. Tell us what you’re guilty of. It’ll be liberating for you, entertaining for most, and encouraging to other writers to know that we’re all a little guilty of some writerly mortification from time to time.



With our powers combined

Like the Planeteers before us, HOOT has been asked to help out. Monologging chief editor, Jeffrey F. Barkin, is teaming up with our editors and Monologging artist, Dara Lorenzo, to judge their “Picture Paused” spring contest.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. From March to May 31st, both writers and artists are encouraged to submit an original image or photograph along with a brief accompanying piece (fewer than 100 words of either poetry or fiction) that corresponds with the image.
  2. The writing should add either the essence of a character, portray a certain mood, or set the stage of imminent action. Participants can collaborate to create composite media, or submit solo.
  3. Submit via Submittable.
  4. Make sure to check out the Monologging Facebook page for the entries we’ve been showcasing so far.

All submissions are subject to review by Monologging and HOOT. Only entries approved by the staff will be published.

The awesome prizes

prize 11st place winner receives $50 and a one year subscription to HOOT, as well as “In One Place But Not the Other,” an original work of art by Monologging artist, Dara Lorenzo.




prize 22nd place received $25 and a one year subscription to HOOT, as well as “Luckey,” an original work of art by Dara Lorenzo.




prize 33rd place receives $15 and a one year subscription to HOOT, as well as “Screamer,” an original work of art by Dara Lorenzo.





Runners up will receive a one year subscription to HOOT.

People’s Choice Prize:

Since this is a contest where the focus is on collaboration, we need the input of our social media followers as well! Throughout the duration of the contest, “Pictured Pause” entries will be selected and entered to win an additional People’s Choice Prize of $25.

The selected candidates will have their entry posted as the “picture of the day” on Monologging’s Facebook.  So be sure to round up all of your friends and get them to like your work. The entry that receives the most likes over the course of the contest wins.

A little about Monologging’s judges:

Jeffrey F. Barken, editor and founder of Monologging.org, is a novelist and a reporter. He  is the author of “This Year in Jerusalem,” a collection of fiction stories loosely based on his experiences as a kibbutz volunteer in Israel, 2009-10. In 2013, Jeffrey traveled to Europe and Israel to conduct a promotional book tour for his self-designed and self-published book. He has recently returned to New York City where he is completing work on a new novel, entitled: “All the Lonely Boys in New York.”

Dara Lorenzo was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1983. She attended West Virginia University for Painting, 2001-2004 and received her B.S in Printmaking from Towson University in 2008. Most recently, she has completed an MFA in Printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute. Dara’s current work explores the claiming of spaces, through treading and marking. With a focus on the expressive forms found in carving, writing, construction and deconstruction, her work discovers the way we inhabit places and change them to suit our personalities and daily lives. Dara’s latest photography project involves collaborating with strangers who interact with places in a unique way. She develops her photography pieces through a photo-intaglio print process. To read about Dara’s work and some of the San Francisco artists in her circle, please visit KQED Arts.


HOOT is coming to a Minneapolis near you!

Remember this guy?

Remember this guy?

We’re gathering our owls, and dusting off our wares, and we’re bringing them to Minneapolis for AWP. As always you can expect some of the following: charm, a gigantic die that holds fortune and doom, awe-inspiring poetry and prose under 150 words, and the glow of good fortune from a Publishing Penguin.
magazine on a postcard

We always have a special place in our heart for AWP, and all the friends we make there. Be sure to stop by, have a chat, and take your chances. We can’t wait to see you!

Take your chances!

Take your chances!