HOOT is a postcard.  A very nice-looking one.  With writing on it!

It is also a little more complicated than that.  It is also:

a brief, displayable, shareable literary magazine.

The idea is:

-to have stories and poems on a postcard, so that they can be displayed and shared easily. Stick it on the fridge! Tuck it in your husband’s/wife’s briefcase or nephew’s bookbag! (To see some photos of how HOOT has been shared, follow our Tumblr— you’ll also find a lot more information about HOOT and all its processes).
-for people to have a literary magazine that they can both afford to subscribe to and have time to read. Never again will you be able to claim that you don’t have time to read current literature! Each post card will have fewer than two “Tweets.” Except for it’s not digital!

The idea is:

-to have a literary magazine that is excellent in a pure, gimmick-free way.

–want to read more?  Well, you can check out HOOT online— which is equally good work, but without the postcard…because let’s face it, we can’t avoid digitalness completely. HOOT online follows the same standards–gimmick-free, short, excellent work–no more than four published each month.

Other than that, you’ll have to subscribe!  It is a real thing.  Subscribe.  Read it!  Touch it!

. . . with your hands!

3 Responses to “About”
  1. lucinda kempe says:

    I love the word hoot so I looked you up. Ya’ll are funny, clever and I’m hoping cheeky enough to risk. Good luck and break a word. Oops.

  2. Ficus strangulensis says:

    Hi, I’m looking at the “HOOT” card you sent to my snailaddress and, in the spirit of mail art, wd like to respond snaily to y’r snailaddress which I’ve failed so far to find. If you’ll share same with me, I’ll reply to the card.

    Y’r ol’ Bud, Fike

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