by Farryl Last
farryl-artI told you about this place.

I told you about the sky outside, there
were cries, the tinsel-shake
of branches just beyond
the windows. The backlit
moon I’ve packed
blued and
This hunger, it hungers.
These teeth.


On the Couch Asleep with the Sketches In His Lap
by Caleb Coy
caleb piece art
He is sketching a house for our big move to Boulder when I hear back about the job, and I know 
Im supposed to get home late and find him on the couch asleep with the sketches in his lap. I saw them oncea tall pavilion of totem poles, patio, cedar cabin, vents in the ground for geothermal heating. He saw a documentary on sustainable housing. He wanted to watch it again with me. He did not tell me when he bought a kayak, or about his subscription to Mens Health. What first drew me to him was how he could find all the constellations, even point to them with his eyes closed. So while Im returning and our sky is overcast and the skyline looks afire, I imagine him outlining and erasing. And I am to find him on the couch asleep with the sketches in his lap.


a palindrome
by Jessica Wingert
art by Sage Stafford
Do I exist?
I see things external to myself,
reconciling then distancing intention
from desire. Am I altogether myself? Entirely me,
not you and me both. Sight fashions meaning.
Our longing for answers bestows that sense of self-
consciousness. The question:
Reflection from existence
or existence from reflection?
Question the self-
consciousness of sense that bestows answers for longing.
Our meaning fashions sight: both me and you,
not me, entirely myself. Altogether,
I am desire from intention,
distancing then reconciling myself to external things.
See? I exist.
I do.


by Daniel DiFranco
art by Kelly Meissner
art for daniel 
A little man
leapt out of my ear
whistling past a graveyard
and then another and another
honking a trumpet,
sawing a fiddle,
cranking the hurdy-gurdy.
So many marched in parade,
and try as I did,
I could never catch them
or ask them their names.


Farryl Last is a 2015 MFA graduate from Hunter College. She has taught undergraduate courses at Hunter in New York and English classes for kindergartners in Italy. Her last name really is Last.

Caleb Coy lives in Christiansburg, VA with his wife and two sons. His work has appeared in Geez Magazine, Connotation Press and Liminoid Press. His debut novel, An Authentic Derivative, was published in 2015.

Jessica Wingert graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Creative Writing. She now practices being less-than-completely organized, wishes she wrote more, and eagerly chats about mirrors, movies, and Joseph Cornell.

Daniel DiFranco lives in Philadelphia. His words can be found in Smokelong Quarterly, LitroNY, and others. Full list of pubs and miscellany can be found at danieldifranco.net, and @danieldifranco.

Kelly Meissner is a Philadelphia-based freelance illustrator and designer who loves zombies, cartoons, and candy, find more of her work at www.kellymeissner.com 

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