by Moshe Prigan

Moshe Prigan lives in Haifa, Israel. His fiction has been published in The Bear Review (Ireland), Tales from the Shadow Realm, Genesis Science Fiction Society34th Parallel, Witch Works, Fuck Fiction and A Quiet Courage.

21 Responses to “HOOT POSTCARD 49, OCTOBER 2015”
  1. Siep says:

    Well done, Moshe!
    Love your gruesome story!

  2. Glen Reitz says:

    This is the best short story! When we have quests over my wife always tells them don’t touch the SK books! I have ordered a copy to hang in my Stephen King library room. It is quite the HOOT! I have repeated the story to my wife, MIL, nephew and work friends. Great JoB!!!!

  3. Kim Collier says:

    I have read the story over and over and over!!! Awesome, Funny and Scary. One wonders where the idea came from? True life? I know not to touch my husbands precious Stephen king Books.

  4. John (GoHeat) says:

    AWESOME short story, Moshe! I love the black humour (or, as it is called in the States, bathroom humor!)

  5. Josh says:

    Love the black humor! Great read!

  6. MOSHE says:

    Kim, Glen John and Josh – THANKS SO MUCH! I LOVED your comments. What awesome friends I have.
    So I wasn’t far off from reality at all, lol, as some don’t dare touch husbands’ collection.
    Just need now to get Stephen King’s comment too …

  7. William says:

    Way to go, Mo!!! Great piece. When/where can we see more?

  8. Noah says:

    Ha! Very funny. Haven’t we all felt this way? The frustration of our hobby not being understood & respected by non-collectors taken to hilarious extremes. This has been every book collector’s fantasy one time or another. . .

  9. The Library Policeman says:

    Excellent little dark story, Moshe.

    I loved it!!

  10. Simon (stroppygoblin) says:

    Great little story Moshe! love the post card format. Hope to see more stories from you like this.

    Let this be a warning to all those married to a collector!

  11. MOSHE PRIGAN says:

    Hello my dear collectors, Bill, Noah, Alan and Simon – what a Stephen King-Fan-Parade! lol. Thanks so much for your warm comments.

  12. Jim (EXPLORER) says:

    Simple truths and good advice.. It does require just the right person with all the respect required to withstand the quirks of a “Book Collector”. Many a minor error can innocently happen with grave consequences as result of sharing the space of a collector and his books.

    • MOSHE PRIGAN says:

      THANKS, Jim, for your comment. I unintentionally skipped it. You’re definitely right and that’s why I implement precautionary measures: some of my rare books (King, Eco) are fenced by a barbed electric wire with mines to prevent any even a minor error to occur… lol.

  13. Niels says:

    Very nice; it’s all in there!

    “Please….. step away from the books!!”

    • MOSHE PRIGAN says:

      THANKS, Niels.
      Are your Stephen King books in Hebrew also included in the “step away” category? lol.

  14. Moshe,

    That was wonderful! I loved the story. And the ending surprised me. That WAS one heck of a book! And, it was the first?!? time he got angry like that?! LOL But I understand how he felt. 🙂

  15. JC Henry says:

    Wow Moshe, I was compelled to comment. I liked it even though I was saying yikes all the time.

  16. This is really interestingly nice work! I look forward to hearing and reading more from brother Moshe Prigan!

  17. MOSHE PRIGAN says:

    Dear James, JC Henry and Jarvis – thanks so much for the kind comments. I’m proud to have inspiring friends like you and be a part of and a contributor to the Black Science Fiction Society Community and Mythical Legends Publishing.
    Thank you guys.

  18. Pretty awesome story. Funny, yet disturbing and maybe hits a little too close to home as I am a book collector myself and also deal with 1000’s of Stephen King collectors. YIKES!