HOOT Print Issue 32, May 2014

fiction by Nick Fuller Googins

Nick Fuller Googins is a full-time writer, occasional adventurer, retired coffee pourer/swim instructor/school teacher. An MFAer at Rutgers-Newark, he lives in NYC with three of the most wonderful beings on the planet. For more: nickfg.wordpress.com

Artwork by Matthew Perdoni. Hailing from the woods of Massachusetts, Matthew Perdoni is the maker of paintings, illustrations, linocuts, and murals. His work can be found at matthewperdoni.com.

To purchase copies of this issue (which can be used as postcards), please go here and specify “Issue #32″ at checkout.

4 Responses to “HOOT Print Issue 32, May 2014”
  1. Karen Landry Mulkey says:

    Great job Nick. It’s a lovely snapshot of a family. Also a visual treat in it’s description of the disappearing pond and the meadow that took it’s place. More!!

  2. Chris Mulkey says:

    Mr. Googins drew me into his short story and now I worry about the Stevnsons and their vacation fate.
    Nicely done.

  3. Evan Senn says:

    I love Alyssa’s carefree innocence and imaginative positivity. In such a short story, the writer was able to show the interesting relationship the three children have with themselves and with each other, and ends at the perfect moment. I think the artwork reinforces the story’s insight into the children’s personalities too. Great little creation. <3