Don’t let this happen to another cat. Share poetry the responsible way

As an editor of HOOT and a lover of poetry, I get a little carried away with wanting to share poetry during National Poetry Month. Therefore I strive to find innovative ways to get the word out on the excellence of poetics. So, I thought a great way to share the words might involve drawing them on my cat and setting her free on the streets of Philadelphia as a goodwill poetry ambassador.

For Easy Mac, April truly is the cruellest month

This is what one would categorically consider a bad idea.

HOOT put our collective brains together and decided that a better way to share poetry would be through a fundraiser to get poems to random people – some of which might not have been poetry readers prior. Since we’re a 501(c)3 now we thought we’d celebrate with sharing wonderful words. (check out how to donate here).

My answer to this poetry fundraiser is to not just send out one great copy of HOOT’s talented archive of poets, but also to write a poem from a different favorite poet on the back. So, I chose thirty poets – one for every day in April. Check out the list here (I put Edna St. Vincent Millay on twice because she’s my favorite):

Willy Shakes otherwise known as William Shakespeare

Think I missed someone? Want to add a person? Well, just donate to the above and email me at and I’ll make sure that your favorite poet will be represented.
So save cats, share poetry with postcards instead.

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