We came, we saw, we stamped owls on you

Whoa, Seattle, you ruled. We’ve returned from the land of writers and journals a little weathered, a little tired, and a lot grateful. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to play our dice game of DOOM, and to everyone that subscribed.

Were you one of the lucky recipients of good publishing karma from our Publishing Penguin?

The blue glow of good luck in publishing

Or did you feel the painful sting of our DOOM after rolling the gigantic die?

Whatever the case may be, we’re glad you said “hi” and checked out our postcard magazine.

And since we only get to interact with our favorite journals during AWP we wanted to send out feelings of hearts and flowers to our literary journal crushes: Smartish Pace, Potomac Review, Stoneside Corrective, Makeout Creek, and Lunch Ticket.

Can’t wait till next year, and a hearty “hello” to all our new friends.


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