We are the lucky recipient!

At HOOT we love being chosen for things. Even better if those things happen to be postcard projects (’cause we’re a postcard magazine, see the connection?). Not so long ago this showed up on HOOT headquarters’ doorstep:

The best surprises are postcard surprises

Because we are a group that loves writing and pictures (and pictures with writing), a little investigation was required as this was the only information on the back:

a mystery!

After some sleuthing (thanks, Google!) we discovered this website, which belongs to Maureen who was kind enough to send us one of the postcards from the Naropa Postcard Project. According to this little blurb on her very awesome website

Here’s the basic idea: a group of writers all received about 30 blank postcards which we were then tasked with transforming in any way we felt using writing, text, art, drawing or whatever. The writers were then required to mail the postcards out to other writers on the list. So, all 30 writers should receive 30 postcards. The idea was inspired by Ken Mikilowski’s Alternative Press Postcard Project that the lit mag Bombay Gin covered when I helped edit the magazine. Cool idea, right?

Yes! Very cool! We even got a little shout out on her blog

I mailed out all 32 postcards! Did I really mean 32? Yes. 30 for the participating writers and two  extras for whatever. So, I sent one to Hoot a postcard-related lit mag and one to President Obama, just for safe keeping.

Thank you, Maureen. We needed a little inspiration and it was great that you decided to send us a postcard (along with the President). Happy writing, and drawing, and sending out postcards of inspiration.


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