Your letters delight us

Since we run a postcard magazine it should come as no surprise that we love mail. The kookier the better (or the more avant garde the better). We recently received this mailed submission (we think it was a mailed submission?) and while we couldn’t accept the enclosed poem for the online or print issue, we did love it enough that we thought it warranted an update on here.

The envelope alone was an absolute blockbuster of a sending apparatus

Whoever sent us this we truly adored it.

We didn’t even know that this was an option in the postal world

And you should know that the associate editor, Janie, keeps this framed and hung at her desk for creative inspiration. Keep on keeping on, sender of this submission, you’ve inspired us.

For anyone else that wants to blow our minds with creative mischievousness please feel free; we’d be delighted to be on the receiving end.

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