A blog! A blog! We have an, occasionally updated, blog (we’ll only put the coolest stuff on here, promise)!

Hello HOOT followers,

It might surprise you that at HOOT we are comprised of real humans that help create, develop, and mail out your monthly postcard and put up the online edition. We’re alive!

We come from all different creative and educational backgrounds, which is a big help in how we pick such diverse literature to mail to your door every month.

So, this blog is a way to get to know more about a few things:

  • Who our writers and artists are; we’ll have Barbara Walters like interviews with them so you can see into their deep inner psyche (okay, maybe not that intense; but they’ll definitely be fun).
  • Fun things about micro fiction
  • Updates about where we will be a-movin’ and a-shakin’ (if we are coming to a literary convention near you)
  • Fun, crafty, literary things you can do to get motivated on your writing

But it’s also a blog for you to share with us. We’ll post pictures of where you’ve snuck your HOOT in plain sight; have writing prompts and picture prompts; and it can serve as a forum for you to update us about your favorite micro fiction trends. Because like PBS before us, we would be nothing without viewers like you.

one of our favorite shared HOOTs, from Shawn at www.scribbledstories.com


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